Nyppsy Charity BLOG Buying a Wide Strap Crossbody Bag Australia

Buying a Wide Strap Crossbody Bag Australia

When you don’t wide strap crossbody bag australia to haul around a big tote but still need plenty of storage, a crossbody is the way to go. This style of bag sits close to your body so it’s easy to access your belongings, and it’s also a safe choice when travelling overseas. Features like locking zippers, slash-resistant straps and RFID-blocking pockets help prevent pickpockets from stealing your personal information.

The right crossbody bag can make or break your travel outfit. A wide strap is a great option for running around, so look out for options that come with removable straps or ties for customizable wear. This Lizzie bag, for example, comes with both a cool contrast guitar strap and a plain thin one. Interchange the two to suit your outfit, and you can also swap the strap for a shoulder or sling bag.

Hands-Free Chic: Wide Strap Crossbody Bags in Australia

A good crossbody is small enough to fit your essentials but spacious enough for a phone and a few snacks, too. This pick from Uniqlo has a rounded crescent shape, zip fastening, an adjustable strap, piping details and inner slip pockets. It’s the perfect size for a day out and costs less than $20.

Another keeper is this clear crossbody from Pacsafe. Its slim profile makes it look bigger than it is, yet it’s roomy enough for an 11-inch iPhone. The zip-top bag also includes a turn-and-lock security hook, which helps deter pickpockets, while an internal locking zipper pocket protects valuables against theft.

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